Sunday 15 September 2013

A Writer’s Knightmare!

The only thing a writer can call his or her own are words. And most ofen, these are the verry things a writer cannot call his our her own. But when words start missbehaving, a writer knows its knightmare time! And that is exactly what was hapening to me. It had been a long time since I rote anything. And so, I was loosing touch with a lot of aspecx concerning writing.

My syntax wavering started. Sentenses looked jumbled. I was like that talking also. Parts of speech broked and fell. Soon, framation of sentenses I was also finding difficult. This no good, I thinked.

Mother telled to me that my tenses are wrong. Yeah, right! I’ve been a writer too long for the tenses will be wrong in my English language. Hah! But I only notice—little and small singulars and plural mistake I used to make. Good, mothers doesn’t noticed that, or she would thinks I’m a bad riter.

But there are others who take advantage of won’s situation. Even when you no you are rite, some people fool you to beleive they are right. For egzample: I was typing to my sister on chat won day that I have to do creativ things to keep my brian busy. Nasty girl asks me, “Err… Who is Brian?” As though I don’t know spelings. But I doesn’t feel like blaming my poor little sister also—she’s little bit dislexyc, you no! So anyways, my grammer was ditereorating, but I’m sure it wasn’t as badly as others made it seemed.

Pipal thought I can’t remember vocabulary, for they keeped saying I was mixing up words. They must have thought I’ll become hypo and freak out or something. Obversely, I wasn’t going to by that! Then, they tried there best trick on me. If I repeted something twice, they said I was getting forgetfull also. Yeah right, I’m too young to forget and, like I don’t know I was doing it for emphasis! Yeah right, I’m too young to forget and, like I don’t know I was doing it for emphasis!

So ya, I immerged successfull in the end. And thought I should type my experiyence to help oder writers and say don’t lissen to anywon. Naught even to MS Word’s spellcheck signs and markings. For some reason, my MS Word has marked this hole article with red and bleu and green and red zigzagg lines. Wonder why? I guess it’s time to change my computer. Till then, all you writers keep writting!

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